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A research-driven Sustainable Consulting Firm, with a mix of Biophilic – Technology Oriented – Cultural yet Contemporary Architects & Engineers, creating business value for Clients, Users & Buyers by thinking & delivering BEYOND THE CONVENTIONAL approach of design & lifestyle in harmony with Functionality, Energy & Cost Efficiency and Time.

We exist to make a difference!! We choose to do the EXTRAORDINARY!! We DON’T do things just for the sake of doing it!!


They alone live, who live for others. – Swami Vivekananda

Way back than the definition of the today’s “Sustainable Development” came to be used as a pitch, Swami Vivekananda, in his words, defined life as living beyond oneself. It essentially goes beyond natural resources, it goes into the thought process one carries about mankind, up to a every single individual. e-nviroGreen exists with the philosophy of gifting a beautiful today and even more pure tomorrow.


Whatever goes around, comes around.

e-nviro Green, through the karma, aspires to be a global leader in offering Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions to create a network of its vision in practice in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030


Ashish & Akshay Bachchal

We had our aspirations laid down infront of the e-nviroGreen Team, and what they came out with exatly what We wanted. But more than that, they pushed us and and our family to accept the unconventional concepts which we were not aware of and were not sure about experimenting for our Dream House. The Quality of Drawings, Details, Concepts and Design incoporated are actually unparalleled which we did not find in any other architect we spoke to. We will be shifting to our dream home soon.

Ashish & Akshay Bachchal
Ashish & Akshay Bachchal - Koregaon Park, Pune
Priyanka Verma

The most important aspect of engagement with e-nviroGreen was the research based design they did, which I can clearly seen reflecting in our Home. We were very tight on time and that's where we got in touch with e-nviroGreen through a reference and we breathed easy then. They did make our investment worth every penny.

Priyanka Verma
Priyanka Verma - Whitefield, Bengaluru
Swami Vishwarupananda

Designing a Hospital was a Complex Project. Since we are an NGO, we had our limitations. Maximum Space Occupancy, Cheaper but Good Quality Work and Materials etc., yet the building should look world class. Our Project is a Charitable Multi-Speciality Hospital, at the service of the tribal and under - priviledged, yet it is supposed to be world class. We got more tha what we expected from e-nviroGreen Design Services Pvt. Ltd. We will be doing more projects with them which inludes Institutions and other Facilities.

Swami Vishwarupananda
Swami Vishwarupananda - Nashik


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